Can’t Be Really Gone by Peggy Schultz

Alternate Universe after Jedi Apprentice # 8, where Qui-Gon did not take Obi-Wan back as his Padawan.  Obi-Wan is held prisoner by a group of terrorists, while everyone at the Jedi Temple believe that he was killed.

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Disclaimer:  The Star Wars characters and the Star Wars universe that I borrow them from belong to George Lucas.  


Originally written 2002

1. Chapter 1 by Peggy Schultz

2. Chapter 2 by Peggy Schultz

3. Chapter 3 by Peggy Schultz

4. Chapter 4 by Peggy Schultz

5. Chapter 5 by Peggy Schultz

Chapter 1 by Peggy Schultz

Obi-Wan Kenobi took a quick glance up at his new master, Craydin Shaw, trying to determine whether or not the young knight had noticed his fidgeting. 

Since Craydin had asked him to be his apprentice, Obi-Wan had been trying very hard to be the perfect Padawan.  He did not want to disappoint Master Craydin the way that he had disappointed his first master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

While on a mission to the planet Melida/Dann Obi-Wan had made friends with some kids and had decided to help his new friends, and leave the Jedi order.  It was a mistake, one that had cost him the trust of Qui-Gon.  After that the Jedi Master did not feel that he could trust Obi-Wan again and did not take him back as his apprentice.

Qui-Gon had lost his previous Padawan, Xanatos, to the dark side, and was reluctant to take on a new Padawan.  Obi-Wan hadn’t realized until it was too late that his actions on Melida/Dann had hurt Qui-Gon nearly as much as Xanatos had.  Obi-Wan was crushed when he found out that Qui-Gon would not take him back again, but he knew that he no longer deserved to be his Padawan learner.

“Obi-Wan,” Craydin began, “is something wrong?”

“I’m ok, Master Craydin, it can wait,” Obi-Wan replied.  Craydin had obviously noticed his fidgeting.

”Obi-Wan if something is wrong you can tell me, I remember what it was like to be a Padawan, I know how boring these negotiations can be to a young boy”, Craydin told the boy through their new training bond that they had finally been able to establish after nearly four months as master and Padawan.

 “No, Master Craydin,” Obi-Wan answered through the bond, “I just need to use the fresher, but I can wait, really.”

 “Don’t be silly, Padawan, go to the fresher, it may be a while before we break for lunch.  Do not be afraid to ask for something.  And perhaps next time you will not drink quite so much juice for breakfast,” Craydin smiled.

 “Thank you Master,” Obi-Wan grinned as he quickly got up and made his way to the public freshers, which were located in the east wing of the building, on the opposite side of the conference hall.

Just after exiting the freshers Obi-Wan felt a sudden sense of danger through the force, right before someone ran into him from behind, and knocked him to the ground hard.  He heard his lightsaber hit the floor and slide a few meters away from him from the force of the huge man who had run into him.  Obi-Wan could feel blood trickling down his chin from where he had bit his lip.

“I’m very sorry, kid,” the man said extending his hand towards Obi-Wan.  The man's voice was deep and husky sounding. 

Obi-Wan let the larger man help him to his feet, before saying, “that’s ok, but maybe you should try taking your time in the future.”

“True,” the man laughed, “I was in a bit of a hurry, but you came out of the room so suddenly. “Are you alright, you are bleeding?”

Obi-Wan wiped the blood away on the sleeve of his robe, and said, “I’m fine, I just bit my lip.”  Obi-Wan then walked over to retrieve his fallen lightsaber; he was glad that Master Craydin was not with him to see that he had lost his lightsaber.

“Hey, you’re that Jedi student, aren’t you?” the man asked.

Obi-Wan did not answer him as he reached his lightsaber, and bent down to pick it up.  Before he could get a hold of it, the man grabbed his arm, preventing him from picking it up without the use of the force.

“Why are you here Jedi boy?” the man asked.

Without answering him, Obi-Wan used the force to call the weapon to his other hand as he suddenly felt a sting in his hand.  He realized that the man had a syringe in his other hand, and had just injected something into his arm.

Obi-Wan ignited his lightsaber, and spun around to face the man, “what did you do to me?” he asked, as his arms and legs began to feel numb, and his vision began to blur alarmingly.

“Sorry, Jedi boy, I can’t let you tell your master about the bomb,” the man told Obi-Wan.

“Bomb,” Obi-Wan repeated, the word sounded slurred, as his legs no longer could hold his weight and he fell to his knees.  He had to get up, and warn his master, but that was the reason he had been given the drug in the first place.  His lightsaber slipped out of his weakening grasp, and again fell to the floor, with Obi-Wan falling unconscious besides it a few seconds later.

*     ***     *     ***     *

Knight Craydin Shaw sat still in his chair in the front of the conference hall, of the Vardell capital building.  The Vardelli people had just forced their corrupt government officials out of office, and had asked for Jedi assistance to make sure that they did not have any trouble during the negotiations to find a more suitable government for the small planet.  So far the negotiations had been going smoothly, and they had already decided on the candidates that the Vardelli citizens would vote for, from three of the seven sectors.  They, however, still had the army generals, police generals, and the planetary governor candidates to decide on.

Suddenly Craydin, felt a sense of danger through the force, and immediately dropped his hand to his lightsaber.  He checked the conference hall for the danger, and then stood up, as he realized that his Padawan was in danger.

“Excuse, major Disounti,” Craydin spoke to the major that sat beside him, “I must check on my Padawan,” Craydin explained keeping his hand near the hilt of his lightsaber.

“Is something wrong?  Do you want me to send some of my men to look for the boy for you?”

“No, that won’t be necessary, I’ll be right back,” Craydin assured him.  The major nodded and then looked back up to the stage.

As the knight made his way to the exit of the conference room, the captain of the army of the third sector stopped him.  “Jedi Craydin, is there a problem with the negotiations?”

“No, Captain Wainan, my Padawan learner went to use the fresher fifteen minutes ago and I’m just concerned that he may have gotten himself lost.  I just wanted to check on him,” Craydin assured him leaving out the urgent sense of danger that he had felt through the force.

“Aw yes, my children are the same way.  They seem to have a knack for getting themselves ‘lost’ although my mate and I call it wandering off,” the captain smiled at Craydin.  “And the freshers are on the opposite side of the building from here; perhaps you are worrying yourself over nothing.”

“I’m sure that you are right, but I’d rather been sure that he is safe,” Craydin admitted.

“I’ll let you know if you miss anything,” Captain Wainan told him.

“Thank you,” Craydin bowed his head slightly, and quickly exited the conference hall and began to make his way towards the freshers. 

  As he neared the freshers the sense of danger seemed to grow more urgent, and it no longer was for his Padawan alone.  Suddenly a loud explosion shook the building knocking Craydin to the ground with its massive force.  As he fell to the floor he could hear the terrified screams of the people who were in the capital building.  Craydin had no time to stop the subsequent chaos, as the ceiling above him collapsed on top of him burying him under debris.  His last conscious thought was that he hoped Obi-Wan would be ok.

***     *     ***

Qui-Gon Jinn sat in the cockpit of the transport that would take him back to the Jedi temple.  It was his first trip back to the temple since after he had told his former Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi that he would not accept him back as his apprentice.  He could tell that the thirteen-year-old boy had been upset by his refusal to take him back, but Obi-Wan had accepted it with out complaint.

While on his last mission with Adi Gallia and her young Padawan Siri Tachi, for which they were now returning from, Qui-Gon had begun to miss Obi-Wan’s presence, and had decided that if the boy had not been chosen as anyone else’s Padawan yet that he would ask him to be his Padawan again.   He would even go back to the Agri-Corps to get him if he had to.  His good friend Tahl would be glad if Obi-Wan became his Padawan again, Qui-Gon mused.

“Are you thinking about a joke, Qui-Gon?” Adi asked as she entered the cockpit, and sat down beside Qui-Gon.

“Hmm, what?” Qui-Gon asked he hadn’t heard her enter the cockpit.

“You were just smiling,” Adi told him, “it’s not often lately that I’ve seen you smile.  Were you thinking of a joke?”

“Oh, I hadn’t realized that I had smiled.  I was just wondering how Obi-Wan is doing, and I was thinking that if no one else had chosen him as a Padawan yet that I would ask him.”

“Adi frowned slightly before saying, “Qui-Gon, I’m sorry, but, Clee Rhara told me that her last Padawan Craydin Shaw who had been knighted just over a year ago had chosen Obi-Wan as his Padawan.”

“Craydin Shaw,” Qui-Gon repeated, “I didn’t even know that he had been knighted,” Qui-Gon could remember going on a mission with Clee Rhara, Craydin Shaw, and his former Padawan Xanatos.

“Yes, Clee was very proud when she found out that Craydin had chosen Obi-Wan.  He has become a great Jedi Knight, Siri and I went with him to his first mission with Obi-Wan to investigate a possible initiate on the planet Kegan.  They seemed to work quite well together.  Before Siri and I left to meet with you, Clee had told me that Craydin and Obi-Wan had just begun to develop their training bond.”

“That’s good,” he told her, although the ache that had suddenly began in his heart was screaming that it was not good.

“Perhaps, if you don’t leave the day after you return to the temple, you can visit with Obi-Wan, and ask him how he is doing?” Adi suggested.

“Perhaps,” was the only answer that the older Jedi had given her.  He did not think it was his place to interfere with the new relationship that the boy was building with Craydin.  Perhaps he would one day meet up with the boy again so he could ask him, but he would certainly not seek the boy out.

“You know Qui-Gon, you can always take another Padawan,” Adi said.

Qui-Gon looked up at the woman beside him.  He could not imagine taking anyone other than Obi-Wan as his Padawan.  No, he decided, if he could not take Obi-Wan, he would not take anyone else, but he said, “perhaps.”  It wasn’t really a lie, he told himself, he may take another Padawan in the distant future, but it would not be in the near future.

Suddenly a light on the console in front of him began to flash, indicating that they were receiving a transmission, and breaking Qui-Gon out of his thoughts of his former Padawan.  Flipping some switches on the console, the holographic image of Master Yoda appeared before them.

“Masters Qui-Gon, and Adi,” the wise Jedi master greeted them, “grave news the council has.  Trouble a Jedi team had on the planet Vardell; missing the Master and Padawan are.  Go to Vardell to find Knight Craydin, and his Padawan you will.  Closest Jedi to Vardell you are.”

“Yes, Master Yoda,” Adi replied, when Qui-Gon did not answer.

“Find them you will,” Yoda told them before he cut the transmission. 

Qui-Gon had an odd sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he wondered what had happened.  What ever it was he knew from the tone of Yoda’s voice that it was serious.  Qui-Gon set the course corrections into the computer; “we should reach Vardell in about 2 hours.”

Adi nodded, and said, “I’ll go and inform Siri of our new mission,” she then stood and left the cockpit to go to the cargo hold where Siri was meditating.

*     ***     *     ***     *

Qui-Gon felt his insides twisting as he looked at what was left of the building.  The east side of the building had sustained the most damage; luckily, the majority of the people who were in the building were in the west side, where the negotiations were taking place.  Part of the wall and ceiling of the large conference room had collapsed; luckily, it was only a small portion of the room.  Unfortunately, it was the area that one of the survivors had seen Craydin Shaw, just before the bomb had gone off.

As Qui-Gon used the force to move a large section of debris, Adi walked up to him and said, “I just spoke with Captain Wainan of the third army.  He told me that Craydin was on his way to find Obi-Wan, and had just walked out into the main hall heading toward the east wing when the bomb exploded.”

“Why did he need to find Obi-Wan?” Qui-Gon asked.  Qui-Gon saw Adi hesitate a moment.  He could not determine if she had hesitated to try to think of the right words to answer his question, or because she simply didn’t want to give him the answer.  Either way he was sure that it could not have been good.

“He said that Craydin had told him that Obi-Wan went to the fresher and he had been worried when Obi-Wan hadn’t returned after fifteen minutes.”

“The freshers!” Qui-Gon’s mind screamed.  The freshers were right next to the room that the bomb had been planted in.  They had been completely destroyed by fire and debris.  They did not expect to find anyone in that immediate area still alive.

Adi and Qui-Gon moved their search efforts to the corridors, leading to where the freshers once were.  Qui-Gon hoped that Obi-Wan had been on the way back when the bomb had gone off or perhaps for some reason had wandered away from the East wing.  After an hour of removing debris Qui-Gon and Adi had found a dozen Vardelli citizens in the debris, only six of those twelve had survived, and one of them, Qui-Gon knew would not survive the coming night.

As they slowly made their way down the corridor, the force seemed to be guiding them towards the left side of the corridor just ahead.  Quickly the two Jedi masters moved the debris in that area away, and were rewarded to find Knight Craydin lying on the floor.  He was bruised and bloodied, but was alive and conscious.

“Knight Craydin,” Qui-Gon kneeled beside the young man.

“Obi-Wan,” Craydin croaked through clenched teeth, “di- did y-you f-f-find him?”

“No, we are still looking for him, but we will find him,” Adi assured him.

Qui-Gon placed his hand on Craydin’s shoulder and began to note the knight’s injuries.  He had several broken and cracked ribs, a ruptured spleen, a punctured right lung, broken right femur, and clavicle, dislocated left shoulder, a deep gash on his right temple, and internal bleeding.  To Qui-Gon’s horror, he realized that the young knight would not survive for more than a few more minutes.  Qui-Gon knew that the only reason he was still breathing was because the knight was desperately holding on.  Craydin knew that he would not survive. 

“C-can’t f-feel O-Obi-Wan th-rough bond.  H-he’s a a g-g-good boy,” Craydin grabbed a hold of Qui-Gon’s tunic.  “F-find h-him.  T-tell h-im w-as g-g-glad to h-have h-him as pad-Padawan.  H-e th-inks h-he is n-not g-g-good nuff.  H-e he’s wr-wronge,” Craydin stammered.  No longer able to fight the inevitable, he finally let himself go.

Qui-Gon watched as the young man took one last agonizing breath, before his hand released Qui-Gon’s robe and fell to the floor limp.

“Master Adi, Master Qui-Gon,” Siri called as she quickly ran up to them.  “I was just speaking with one of the survivors.  He’s an army major; he told me that Craydin went to find Obi-Wan in the fresh-“ Siri stopped mid sentence as she looked down and saw the knight laying motionless.  “Is he-“

“He is one with the force now,” Adi concluded for her.

“Come we must continue to look for Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon said.

*     ***     *     ***     *

After five more hours of searching the East wing of the building with the help of more Jedi knights who had started to arrive to join in the search three hours after Qui-Gon, and Adi had arrived on the planet, no more survivors had been found.  And after ten hours had past since the explosion had occurred the chances of them finding anyone else still alive was slim at best. 

Finally, Qui-Gon and Adi had cleared away the debris from the section where the freshers once were.  Taking a look through the small pieces of debris littering the floor, Qui-Gon spotted a familiar object lying partially buried under a charred piece of rubble.  Qui-Gon knelt down to pick up the item, and felt as if his heart had just sunk into his stomach.

“Qui-Gon?” Adi asked.

“It’s Obi-Wan’s,” he answered, as he looked at the boys lightsaber that he now held in his hand.  The weapon was charred on one side, and the other side had been partially melted by the intense heat of the explosion.  To Qui-Gon’s horror, his former Padawan had indeed been in the fresher at the time of the explosion.

***     *     ***     *     ***

After a total of twelve hours of searching for survivors in the building, the search was finally called off, and Qui-Gon decided that he had better contact the Jedi council and inform them of Obi-Wan’s fate.

“Qui-Gon,” Jedi Master Mace Windu greeted him.

“The search for survivors has been called off,” Qui-Gon told Mace.

“And Padawan Kenobi?”

“We found his lightsaber, but we did not find his body.”

“His body,” Mace asked, “are you certain that the boy did not survive?”

“I am not 100% certain, no.  But his lightsaber was found in the section of the building next to where the bomb had detonated.  The blast had melted part of the hilt of the lightsaber.  And no other survivors were found in that section of the building.  The few bodies that were found a few meters from his lightsaber, were determined by the medics to have died instantly.  It has been just over twelve hours since the explosion first occurred, and it is unlikely even for a Jedi master to survive such conditions for that long without proper medical attention.”

“Yoda will be sorry to hear this, he had foreseen that Kenobi would have made a powerful and important knight,” Mace revealed, accepting the facts that Qui-Gon had presented to him.

Qui-Gon slowly made his way to where Adi and Siri were sitting at a table outside of the capital building. 

“Did you inform the council?” Adi asked.

“Yes,” Qui-Gon nodded.  Despite what he had told Mace, there was still one last chance that Obi-Wan could be alive; it was the only thing that Qui-Gon had to cling too, no matter how much of a long shot it was that Obi-Wan had somehow managed to get captured by the persons responsible for the bombing of the capital building.  He, however, felt that he should not mention that just yet.  Perhaps the persons responsible would present a ransom for Obi-Wan.

“Master Adi,” Siri questioned her voice a near whisper, “I don’t understand why we stopped looking.  We didn’t find Obi-Wan yet?”

“Siri, some Jedi, when they die disappear leaving no trace of themselves behind other than the clothes that they wore and any weapons like a lightsaber that they may have had in their possession at the time of their death.  Obi-Wan’s clothes would have burnt beyond recognition, but we did find his lightsaber.”

“No! He could have dropped it.  He could be hurt and waiting for us to find him.  We should be looking for him.”

“Siri, it’s been too long, and the entire building has already been searched, even the heating rooms in the basement section,” Adi told the young girl.

“No, it’s not fair!” Siri yelled and ran off toward a group of trees where Qui-Gon assumed she had gone to cry.

Qui-Gon was about to go after her feeling the sudden need to help the young girl grieve, when Adi stopped him by placing her hand on his forearm.  “Don’t, she needs some time to herself first, it’s been a rough day for her.”

Qui-Gon nodded, and sat down in the chair that Siri had just left.  “I hadn’t realized that Siri and Obi-Wan had been friends.”

“They weren’t,” Adi smiled slightly, “not at first, but after the mission to Kegan, they had come to a mutual understanding.  I think Siri, liked Obi-Wan a lot more than she was willing to admit.”

“Aw yes,” Qui-Gon nodded, “the classic pretend to hate the boy you really like routine.”  Qui-Gon suddenly wondered if Obi-Wan had been doing the same routine, and if they would have ever admitted to one another that they could be friends, perhaps as good as friends as Obi-Wan was with Bant.

Qui-Gon closed his eyes, not wanting to believe that Obi-Wan was really gone.  He can’t be really gone, can he?  He could still remember when he had first met him, after a lightsaber duel against Bruck Chun.  Obi-Wan was full of energy, and eager to be chosen as a Padawan, although Qui-Gon had turned Obi-Wan down numerous times before finally accepting the boy as his Padawan.  Then they had been sent to a rescue mission to Melida/Dann, and Obi-Wan had decided to leave the Jedi order to help the young of the planet fight in the war.  Qui-Gon had been hurt, and felt betrayed by Obi-Wan’s actions.  He now realized that he was too harsh on the boy, Obi-Wan had thought that he was doing what was right, but had made a terrible mistake and Qui-Gon had made that mistake worse for the boy.  Qui-Gon could not help but feel that if he would have taken Obi-Wan back, that the boy would still be alive.  He also could not forget Knight Craydin’s words before he had died, that the boy had believed he wasn’t good enough, haunted the Jedi Master.  Could his refusal to take Obi-Wan back, had caused the boys self-doubt?


Chapter 2 by Peggy Schultz

“Avery,” Azia told the large man who entered the room where they were keeping their unconscious prisoner, “what are you going to do with the boy?”

“Hultz just contacted me a few minutes ago.  He was able to get the force suppressor, but it will be at least three hours until he gets back.  I have to give Jedi boy here another dose of the drug.”

“But you can’t,” Azia pleaded, “Doctor Zul told me that you can’t give anyone the drug more than twice in a twenty four hour period.  You’ve already given him four doses in 20 hours.”

“The boy keeps waking up every four hours.  It is time for his fifth dose.”

“But Avery, Doctor Zul told us that if we keep giving him too much in such a short period of time that the boy could have severe side effects, ranging from amnesia to the failure of his internal organs, and if that happens he will die.”

“And if I allow him to escape, the Vardell army will kill all of us for our involvement in the bombing of the Capital building.”

“I heard a national report that the boy’s teacher is confirmed dead, and they presumed our prisoner is dead.  They must think that he was burnt beyond recognition.”

“Yes I heard that too,” Avery concurred as he began to prepare another dose of the drug.

“My point is that they won’t be looking for him.  We could drop him off in the wallabies Calli fields.  Even when he first regains consciousness he will be groggy, and weak for a while.  We could leave Vardell like you said that you wanted to.  By the time that the boy finds his way to the authorities we could be long gone, and he may not even remember what happened.  He’s just a boy, Avery.”

“A boy who is being trained to be a Jedi Knight,” Avery growled, and then looked up into Azia’s pleading brown eyes.  With a sigh, he relented, “fine, I guess I can let the boy regain consciousness long enough to find out what he remembers.  But Azia, if he remembers me, I will have to drug him again.  He should regain consciousness soon.”

A few minutes the boy began to stir and Azia began to wonder if she was doing the right thing or if the boy would be better off if she left Avery kill him.  She suspected that another dose would kill the boy, without him ever regaining consciousness.

The boy slowly opened his eyes and then blinked a few times before his eyes finally adjusted to the light.

“How do you feel?” Azia asked.

“Like I was just run over by a herd of tauntauns,” the boy suddenly got a strange look on his face, and then commented, “except I don’t remember what they are.  Who are you?  Where am I?”

“My name is Azia, you were injured in an accident; don’t you remember what happened?”

“No,” the boy said and then looked over at Avery, who stood near the bottom of the bed.  “Who is he?”

“You don’t remember me?” Avery asked looking shocked.

“No, should I?”

“Do you remember anything?” Azia asked.

“I- I don’t know.  My head hurts.”

“What about Hultz? Do you remember Hultz?” Avery asked.  Azia looked at the large man wondering what he was doing.  The boy had never seen Hultz, and of course wouldn’t remember him.

“What is a Hultz?” the boy asked.

“He’s our brother.  I’m Avery Pajan, and you are Rory Pajan.”

“Rory,” the boy repeated, and then shook his head, Azia thought that he was going to tell Avery how wrong he was, but then the boy said, “I don’t remember,” as he drifted off to sleep again.

Azia and Avery both left the room.  Once in the hall Azia turned to Avery, “what do you think you were doing?”

“Getting us a new recruit for our cause, Azia, I knew that the boy would be of some use to us,” Avery smirked.

“You can’t be serious, Avery.  His memory loss may only be temporary.  He may wake up again and have all of his memories intact.”

“And that is why I will have the drug handy, while he is awake until Hultz brings the force suppressor.”

“And just how are you going to explain to him why you are forcing him to wear it?”  Azia asked.

“He is sick with a rare illness called um, Wren.  And he has to wear a special medicated neck brace, that gives him his medication at regular preset intervals.”

“And you think he’ll believe you?”

“If he believes that Hultz and I are his brothers, I think he will.  He’s a Jedi he believes in all that happy family crap.”

“You are unbelievable you know that?” Azia remarked, as she walked away from him.


      Qui-Gon sat in his quarters trying to meditate and clear his mind, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Obi-Wan.  He kept thinking that there should have been something more he could have done for him.  A knock on the door to his quarters brought him temporarily out of his guilty thoughts.

      Qui-Gon rose to his feet and slowly walked to the door.  He was only slightly surprised to see Tahl standing on the other side of the door.  Tahl was a long time friend of his.  It was on the mission to rescue her that Obi-Wan had mistakenly decided to leave the Jedi order, for which would later cause Qui-Gon’s refusal to take the boy back as his Padawan.  

      Tahl had forgiven Obi-Wan for what had happened on Melida/Dann, where she had lost her eyesight.  Qui-Gon wished that he could have forgiven the boy so easily.

      “Tahl,” Qui-Gon greeted his friend.

      “Qui-Gon, Adi just told me about Obi-Wan, I’m so sorry.  How are you?”

      “I’m fine,” he replied linking his arm around Tahl’s and guiding her inside his quarters and to the nearby couch.

      “Qui-Gon, don’t lie to me, I know you cared a great deal about the boy and were so hurt by Obi-Wan’s mistake on Melida/Dann, that you would not be fine after such a tragic death as he had succumbed to.”

      “I could never hide anything from you,” Qui-Gon mused.

      “So how do you feel Qui-Gon?” Tahl asked again.

      “I don’t know.  It doesn’t feel real, like he’s not really gone.  I wish I didn’t wait so long to realize that I really did want him as my Padawan.  He was so young and there was so much left to teach him.  On the way to a mission to Bravens III I had a dream that I was watching over Obi-Wan’s knighting ceremony, from above.  I wasn’t there to cut his braid, but Yoda was.  It was as if I had died and was looking down on him.  He had grown into a fine young man.  It was strange, though, he seemed so sad, and lost, even though he had just became a Knight, which was what he wanted most of all.  I thought at the time that it was a vision of the future, and I realized that I did really want to be apart of his training, and of his life.  I wanted to have the right to be at his Knighting ceremony even if I had to see it through the force.  But I guess I was wrong, it was not a vision of the future, just a dream.”

      “Qui-Gon, I’m sorry.”

      “I just can’t help feeling that I am somehow responsible.  Like if I would have accepted him back as my Padawan, that none of this would have happened, and my dream would one day come true.”

      “Qui-Gon, you must not think that way Obi-Wan would not want you to blame yourself.  The only people responsible are the terrorists who put the bomb in the capital building.”

      “But if I-“

      “Qui-Gon Jinn,” Tahl interrupted him, her voice was raised to let Qui-Gon know that she was serious,” you are one of the greatest masters in this temple, but right now you certainly are not one of the smartest ones.   You do not know the future.  You do not know what would or would not have happened had you taken Obi-Wan back as your Padawan.  Perhaps he could have been killed sooner or you could have killed a long with the boy.”

      Qui-Gon remained silent knowing that his long time friend was right.  Even if he had taken the boy back, he still may have died, if his death was the will of the force.  The realization made him feel slightly less responsible for Obi-Wan’s death, but he still had an ache in his heart over the loss of his former Padawan. 


      The room that Obi-Wan was in was lit only by the light in the hall outside that seeped into the small room through a small crack on the bottom of the door.

      Although it was evening he did not feel tired.  He had been told by Avery Pajan that he was the older mans brother as well as someone Avery called Hultz, and that his name was Rory Pajan.  But he did not remember.  There was no reason for them to lie to him, but the name “Rory Pajan” just did not feel right.  Nothing since he woke up felt right to him, and he still felt weak and somewhat groggy.

      As he lay on the uncomfortable bed he began to wonder how he was injured, and why he doesn’t remember anything that he should?

      Suddenly the door slid open with a groaning sound, and a man that Obi-Wan had never seen before walked into the room followed by Azia, and Avery.  The light that poured into the room from the opened door nearly blinded Obi-Wan, and he had to blink his eyes a few times before his eyes adjusted to the light.

      “Rory,” the man said, he was a large man just like Avery, and bore an obvious resemblance to Avery.  Obi-Wan noticed that he seemed nervous.

      “Hultz?” Obi-Wan asked.

      “Yes,” the man smiled slightly, glancing at Avery and Azia before returning his gaze to Obi-Wan  “do you remember me?”

      “No,” Obi-Wan admitted calmly, “you look like Avery, and I assumed that you were his-our brother.”

      “That is very perceptive Rory.  You always were the smartest of the Pajan brothers,” Azia said glaring at Avery.   She almost seemed to be communicating with him without speaking.  “So do you feel any better?” she asked bringing her attention back to Obi-Wan.

      “Yes, I still feel a little weak though.”

      “That’s due to the medication, you see when you were injured your medication brace was broken, and we had to give you your medication through syringes until Hultz got you a new one.  I’m afraid, though, he had to travel all the way to Pecora to get it.  That is why we had to give you so much medication, plus the medication for your injuries,” Avery explained.

      “What is a medicine brace?” Obi-Wan asked, as he played with the long braided section of his hair.

      Hultz held up a strange metal ring that looked large enough to fit around someone’s neck.  Obi-Wan immediately noticed the locking mechanism on it.  “You have a very rare illness called Wren, Rory, and the brace goes around; your neck, and automatically gives you the correct doses of medication that you need,” Azia explained.

      “You nearly died when the brace was damaged.  The doctor had to nearly give you an overdose of the medication to save your life,” Avery sighed, “I’m afraid that the side effect of such a high dose was your memory loss.”

      “But I for one, think it was a small price to pay to keep you alive.  In time you can make new memories, and perhaps one day you will remember those lost memories,” Azia told him with a reassuring smile.  Obi-Wan noticed the sadness and regret in the young woman’s eyes.  But he got the strangest feeling from Avery and Hultz that they were deceiving him.

      “How was the brace damaged?” Obi-Wan asked.

      Azia, Avery, and Hultz shared another long look between one another before Hultz finally spoke, “Well you were at the capital building when it exploded, luckily for us, and you, you were in the section of the building that was the least damaged.  Your medicine brace, however, did not fare as well; you were struck in the neck by debris, the debris broke the brace.  In a sense the brace protected you from serious injuries, however, ironically nearly killed you because of it’s malfunctioning.”

      “Does the medication from the brace, cause me to sleep a lot, and cause memory loss?” the boy questioned.

      “It regulates your medication to your body chemistry so that you can live your life without always being asleep and feeling weak.  And it does not cause memory loss, because the amount of medication is regulated to the correct amounts so that you will not be given an overdose.  Incase it is tampered with, or damaged; it just stops giving you your medication, and lets off an alarm.  The alarm helped the rescuers find you in time to save your life,” Avery explained.

      “Why did the capital building blow up?  Were a lot of people hurt?”

      “I don’t know why, Rory.  It is rumored that it was a group terrorist who wanted to make a point of how they felt about the negotiations, and the fact they had brought the Jedi into the matter,” Hultz commented, and received another glare from Avery.

      “Twenty-four people died, including a Jedi Knight, and 48 people were injured, and there are still some people missing.”

      “Why is part of my hair in a braid?”

      “Because you saw a kid once who had all of his hair short, except for one small section of hair that he had braided.  You liked it and decided to do the same with your hair,” Azia told him.

      “How old am I?” Obi-Wan asked.

      “Fifteen,” Avery said.

      “Sixteen,” Hultz replied at the same time as Avery.

      “You’re fifteen still Rory, Hultz was never very good with dates, you will be sixteen in about a month though,” Avery glowered at Hultz.

      “Close enough,” Hultz mumbled, then stepped closer to Obi-Wan and held out the “medicine brace”, before saying “here Rory lets get this on you before the last dose we gave you wears off and you get sick again.”

      Rory nodded, and sat up in the bed, as he did so he suddenly felt dizzy.  “Whoa kid, you need to take it easy for a couple of days,” Avery told the boy grabbing his arm to steady him.

      “Are you ok now?”  Hultz asked, as he moved closer to Obi-Wan.

      Suddenly a strange feeling of dread came over Obi-Wan as he looked at the strange and unfamiliar medical device.  It seemed as if the feeling was telling him he should not let them put the device around his neck.

      Obi-Wan shook his head and leaned away from Hultz and closer towards Avery.

      “Rory,” Hultz began, “I know you don’t like to get this put on you, but I promise we’ll do it as quickly as possible to get it over with, you will die without it.”

      Obi-Wan looked at Azia with pleading eyes.  She locked her silver colored eyes with his and said, “Please Rory; you, Avery, and Hultz are the closest thing to a family that I have.  I don’t want to lose any of you.”

      Obi-Wan relaxed slightly; somehow he could sense that the girl did not wish him any harm, although he didn’t know how he knew.  Obi-Wan leaned back towards where he had been sitting before and let Hultz put the device around his neck, despite the feeling in the back of his mind that told him not to.

      As the device touched his neck he felt a sharp pinch against the right side of his neck, “Owe,” he winced.

      “Sorry,” Hultz murmured.  Obi-Wan then felt the clasp of the locking mechanism close as Hultz closed the “brace” around his neck.

      “There you go kid, all done already.”

      *     ***     *     ***     *

      The following day Hultz and Azia had let Obi-Wan out of bed.  Obi-Wan then got a look at him self in the mirror and realized that he bore no resemblance to Hultz or Avery.

      “Azia?” Obi-Wan asked, leaving the fresher, and walking into the living area where Azia sat on a lumpy looking couch.

      Azia looked up at Obi-Wan, smiled, and then asked, “how do you feel today?”

      “Strange, like I’m not my self, except, I don’t remember who I am.  I don’t know none of this makes sense,” the boy said.

      “Do you still feel ill?”

      “No, I don’t know how to explain it.  I did notice that since Hultz put the brace on me that I feel funny.”

      “Funny how?” Azia persisted.

      “Like something is missing,” Obi-Wan tried to explain to her.  Since Hultz had put the medical device around his neck, Obi-Wan had felt empty, like if something important to him was taken away the moment that the brace was put around his neck.  He no longer got the feelings that were telling him to trust Azia, but not to trust Hultz and Avery.  But he knew that he could not tell Azia that he for unknown reasons to him that he did not trust the two men who claim to be his brothers.

      “Azia,” Obi-Wan sighed, “I was looking in the mirror, and I was just wondering why I don’t look like either Avery or Hultz?  They both share a remarkable resemblance, and it is obvious that they are truly brothers, but I am the exact opposite of them in height, weight, build, even our hair and eye colors are different.

      “Well,” Azia began, she looked down at the floor as if she did not know how to answer the question, “that’s because you were adopted.  Your real parents couldn’t afford all of your medication, and the special care that you needed when you were a baby,” Azia told him still looking down at the floor.

      “My parents didn’t want me?” Obi-Wan asked.

      “No, it wasn’t that, Rory,” she told him looking up into Obi-Wan’s blue/green eyes.  “They were good friends with the Pajans, they used to visit with you a lot and bring you presents too.  Three years ago the Pajans and your real family were killed in a shuttle accident.  You, Avery and Hultz were here when it happened.”

      “So I’m an orphan twice?” Obi-Wan inquired.

      “I guess you could say that,” Azia agreed, with a sad look in her eyes.  “Listen Rory, I know that this is a lot to take in all at once; finding out about your illness and your real and adopted parents deaths, all at once like this and not remembering anything.  But you have to realize that your brothers have worked very hard to keep you healthy, you were happy here despite everything else.”  

      A sudden strange beeping noise interrupted their conversation.  “What’s that?” Obi-Wan asked, as he whirled around and his hand reflexively dropped to the left side of his waist.

      “It’s ok, Rory, it’s just the comm unit, on the wall.  It’s beeping to let me know that someone is sending a transmission,” Azia smiled, as she turned, and walked over to the wall behind her where a device hung on the wall with a red flashing light, that flashed in time with the beeping.

      “Yes,” Azia spoke, after pushing a button on the device.

      “Azia,” Avery’s voice said, “how is everything?”

      “Fine, how is your meeting?”  Azia asked him.

      “Fine, I need you to bring my black case next to my bed to me, I forgot it.  Wake Hultz, and tell him to keep an eye on Rory.”

      “Ok, Avery, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” Azia responded, and pushed another button on the comm unit.  Obi-Wan assumed the button was to cut the transmission.

      “Why do you have to wake Hultz?  I’m old enough to take care of myself,” Obi-Wan asked.

      “I’m sure you are, but you were just sick, and we would rather that someone stay here with you to make sure that you don’t have any problems with your medicine brace for a few days.”

      Obi-Wan nodded, as Azia turned and walked into the other bedroom, where Hultz slept.  A few minutes later Azia walked out of the room with a black case in her hand, “I’ll be back in a little while, Rory, Hultz will come out in a few minutes.”

      Obi-Wan nodded again, as Azia walked out of the small house.  He did not like nor trust Hultz or Avery, and did not want to be alone with Hultz.

      A few minutes later Hultz exited the bedroom, walking towards Obi-Wan.  “Hello Rory,” he said, his hair was in disarray after just waking, “how are you feeling?”

      “I’m ok.”

      “Did you remember anything yet?”


      “Don’t worry I’m sure that your memories will return soon enough.  Did you eat?  I’m starving.”

      “Yes,” Obi-Wan nodded.

      “Are you hungry again, you really need to eat more you are really thin, just like mom.”

      “Mom?” Obi-Wan asked with a raised eyebrow.

      “Yes, our mother, you are familiar with the word aren’t you?”

      “Yes.  I just don’t remember her,” Obi-Wan told him.

      “I’m sorry.  You actually look just like her.  Avery and I look just like dad.  She was skinny just like you, with your same colored hair and eyes, and she was also short.  She was the best mom too.”

      “Where is she?” Obi-Wan asked, trying to hide the anger that surged through him now that he knew that someone was lying to him.

      “She died three years ago in a shuttle accident with dad, and Azia’s parents.”

      Obi-Wan wanted to hit him, and demand to know why they were lying to him about his parents, but he knew that the larger man would most likely kill him if he did.  He decided that he had to try and figure out why they were lying to him, and not let them know that he knew they were lying.  Perhaps he could find a way to find out who he really is.

Chapter 3 by Peggy Schultz

Qui-Gon sat on the floor of his quarters meditating.  It had been three weeks since Obi-Wan was officially declared dead.  He had attended the services that were held for Craydin Shaw and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but still felt as if something was not right about what happened on Vardell.


      The sound of the door chime brought Qui-Gon out of his meditation.  He was surprised to see Clee Rhara standing on the other side of the door.


      “Clee,” Qui-Gon greeted, “it is nice to see you.”


      “It is always good to see you as well Qui-Gon,” Clee nodded.


      “Please come inside,” Qui-Gon invited her inside wondering what the woman wanted.  He was familiar with Clee, and would talk to her on occasion if they happened to be in the same room together, or on a mission, but he did not consider her one of his close friends.  He did not think that she had ever been in his quarters before.


      “I was cleaning out Craydin and Obi-Wan’s quarters.  I finally worked up enough courage to do it.  Isn’t it funny how easy it is to fight in battles where the odds are against us, but so hard to clean out the quarters of a lost Knight and Padawan?”


      Qui-Gon nodded, and motioned for the Jedi Master to sit on the near by couch with him.


      “I thought you may want this back,” Clee told him as she pulled a river stone out of her robe pocket.  It was the stone that Qui-Gon had given Obi-Wan for his thirteenth birthday.


      The stone, that Obi-Wan had discovered was force sensitive, had helped to save the boy from loosing his memories, while he was subjected to a memory purge while on the planet Phindar.  


      “I can’t believe that he kept it,” Qui-Gon commented as he took the stone from Clee’s open palm.  Gently he ran his thumb over the surface of the river stone.


      “Of course he kept it.  He kept it on his desk in his bedroom,” Clee smiled slightly before continuing.  “He told me that he kept it there so that he could remember that he was once the student of the legendary Qui-Gon Jinn, and to remind him that there are consequences to his actions, so that when faced with tough decisions he should consider the consequences first.”


      Qui-Gon was surprised, and glad that the ordeal on Melida/Dann and afterwards had taught him a lesson.  He mused that it had taught himself the very same lesson, but unfortunately, his lesson had been learned too late.  


      “Adi, told me what you had told her in the shuttle about taking Obi-Wan back as your apprentice if he did not get picked by anyone else,” Clee smiled sadly, “Yoda, Tahl, Adi, Craydin, and I knew that you would come back to your senses one day, and realize that you and Obi-Wan belonged together.  That is why Craydin was only Obi-Wan’s temporary master.  Obi-Wan had thought that it was due to his probation but it was actually because we knew that you would come to your senses eventually.  The council wasn’t so sure though and told Craydin, that after six months that Obi-Wan would stay as Craydin’s apprentice on a more permanent basis incase you did not come to your senses.  I suspect that that decision had a lot to do with Master Yoda.”


      Qui-Gon was at a loss for words.  He could not believe it; if he had returned to the temple sooner he would have been able to take Obi-Wan back and perhaps he would still be alive.  He could not get the thought that he could have prevented the boy’s death out of his mind.


      “Are you going to go back to Vardell to attend the memorial services that they are going to have for the victims that had died in the bombing?”


      “I don’t think so,” Qui-Gon admitted.  “It is for the people closest to the victims, like you who were like a mother to Craydin, and Master Yoda who thought very highly of Obi-Wan.”


      “Qui-Gon you were his master first; and Obi-Wan cared for you a great deal, even though you were not together anymore.  If it were not true, he would not have kept the river stone.  And I suspect that you cared a great deal for him, even though I know you would never admit it.  Yoda asked me to tell you that you should go to the service tomorrow, and I agree with him.”


      “I’ll think about it,” Qui-Gon assured her.


      “The shuttle will leave at sunrise tomorrow morning, if you are going be there,” Clee told him and stood up to leave Qui-Gon’s quarters.  “Good bye Qui-Gon, I hope you will join us tomorrow,” she told him before she left his quarters, hoping that her attempt at consoling the stubborn master helped.



      ****   * ***   *



      ~~The lightsaber was swung at his head, and he instinctively ducked out of the way, and then swung his lightsaber at his opponent.  His opponent swung his weapon and easily blocked Obi-Wan’s.  Then his opponent swung lightsaber at Obi-Wan’s feet, Obi-Wan leaped over the weapon and landed behind his opponent.  Obi-Wan then swung his weapon and touched the energy blade of the lightsaber to his opponent’s neck as he whirled around; ending the match.


      A strange elf like being, using a walking stick hobbled towards them.  “Good,” he told them, “fought well you have.”


      Both opponents deactivated their weapons. ~~


      “Rory, Rory wake up,” Azia’s words woke Obi-Wan out of his sleep, and he immediately opened his eyes.


      “W-what is going on?” Obi-Wan asked, rubbing his eyes.


      “Nothing it’s just time for you to wake up if you would like to eat breakfast.  I’m not going to feed you whenever you feel like waking up.”


      “Ok,” Obi-Wan said, sitting up.  “I’ll be right out.  Are Avery and Hultz here?”


      “No, they went to the memorial services for the victims of the bombing.” 


      “The bombing that I was in?” Obi-Wan asked.


      “Yes.  Hurry and get dressed, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes,” Azia told him, and left the room, closing the door behind her.


      Obi-Wan quickly got dressed; he could feel his anger growing.  He was tired of the lies.  He had been stuck in the house for three weeks, and only let out a few times, but always with Azia, Avery or Hultz.  He had started having strange dreams like the one that Azia had just woke him up from, two weeks ago.  He felt sure that they were memories, but he refused to tell anyone.  


      In the dreams he had always fought with a strange handheld weapon that he found out from the local library that it was called a lightsaber.  It was the weapon of Jedi Knights.  He wondered if he was the Jedi student that was presumed dead from the explosion.


      He remembered a news broadcast that he had heard a few days ago that mentioned the memorial services.  The broadcast had stated that some Jedi Knights that were involved with the rescue mission, and were close to the Jedi Knight and student who had died in the explosion.


      In his dreams, Obi-Wan had spoken with the elf like being about a Master visiting the temple to choose a Padawan learner, a Master Qui-Gon Jinn.  The name seemed very familiar to Obi-Wan for some reason, although why he did not know.


      Obi-Wan decided as he dressed that he needed to find a way to contact the Jedi and find out if they know who he is.  If he is the Padawan that they think is dead, then they should recognize him, or if he is a Jedi they should know him.  Perhaps he could ask to speak with Qui-Gon Jinn.


      After he finished changing into the worn out clothes that were a size or two too big for him, Obi-Wan went out to the small kitchen, and sat down at the table trying to think of a way to get Azia out of the house for a few minutes so he could contact the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


      “You’re awfully quiet, Rory,” Azia commented.


      “I’m just thinking,” Obi-Wan answered.


      “About anything in particular?”


      “I was just wondering why Avery and Hultz didn’t take me to the memorial service.  I’m more than healed enough to attend there are people who were injured worse than I was who will be there.”


      “You know that Avery is very over protective of you,” Azia replied as she took a bite of her breakfast.


      “But why, I’m not a baby.  I’m old enough to take care of myself; I don’t need constant supervision, but that what you three have done to me since I woke up three weeks ago.  What are you afraid of?  I can’t run away, I wouldn’t know where to go.  There is plenty of food here, if I’m hungry, and if I need help I could use the comm unit to contact one of you.”


      “Obi-Wan we are just worried about you.  We don’t think that you are a baby.”


      “Stop lying to me!  You’ve been lying to me since I woke up!”


      The color drained from Azia’s face as Obi-Wan’s words sunk in.  “W-what are you talking about w-we haven’t been lying to you,” she stammered, as she stood up from the table.  She suddenly seemed very anxious.


      “Yes, you have!” Obi-Wan told her, also standing up.  He knew that he should just keep quiet, but his mouth seemed to work ahead of his reasoning.  “You told me that I was adopted, but Hultz said that I don’t resemble him or Avery because I look like our mother.  And I’ve been remembering things too.  I have been dreaming about fighting other kids with lightsabers.  They are the weapons of the Jedi.  Why would I remember fighting with a lightsaber?  I read about the Jedi in the library that Hultz took me to.  And I dreamt that a small Jedi Master told me about a Jedi Master named Qui-Gon Jinn who would come to the temple to choose a Padawan.  I was at the Jedi temple on Coruscant.  I’m a Jedi aren’t I?  And the reason that Avery and Hultz didn’t want me to go to the memorial is because of the Jedi that will be there may recognize me isn’t it?  I did not find any information about an illness called Wren, or any other illness that has the symptoms that would require a medicine brace worn around the neck.  Why are you lying?  Am I a Jedi?”  Obi-Wan demanded.


      “You have a wild imagination, Rory.  Your illness is only new and not much is known yet about it.”


      “Stop calling me Rory!” Obi-wan screamed, “In my dreams they called me Obi-Wan.  And if the illness is so new, then why did you tell me that I’ve had it since I was a baby.  Sixteen years is more than enough time to get the illness added to the library.”


      Azia slowly backed towards a closet a few feet behind her, but Obi-Wan followed her.  “You are letting you imagination get the best of you Rory.  You are not a Jedi.  You were always fascinated by the Jedi, and always wanted to be a Jedi Knight, but it was just a fantasy.”


      “No, I am sick of your lies.  Even if I am not a Jedi, I know I am not Rory Pajan, I checked the library records Azia, if that is even your real name; I know that a boy aged 9 died in a shuttle accident who’s name was Rory Pajan,” Obi-Wan told her as she backed into the closet.  She quickly opened the closet door from behind her, spun around, and pulled out the syringe that was filled with the medication they had given Obi-Wan before Hultz brought the neck brace.


      “I’m not sick now, Azia, what are you doing with that?”  Obi-Wan questioned her, when she turned to face him holding the “medication”.


      “Yes, you are.  It is obvious that you are ill and that your medicine brace is not working properly.  Hallucinations are one of the earliest symptoms.  Now let me give you this medication,” she took a step towards Obi-Wan.


      “No!  You’ve been lying about everything else, why would you tell the truth now?”


      Azia reached out with her left hand to grab Obi-Wan’s arm, but Obi-Wan grabbed her arm that held the syringe and easily got it out of her hand.  He then grabbed her with his left arm around her neck and held the syringe to her arm.  “So Azia,” Obi-Wan said, “what will happen to you if I inject this into you?”


      “You’ll make me very sick, be-because I don’t need the medication.”


      “Good,” Obi-Wan said, pressing the point of the syringe against her arm.


      “NO, please you can’t do this.  I’ll tell you what ever you want to know, just let me go,” she pleaded.  “This was Avery’s idea, he thought he could get you to help in his cause.  We found you unconscious on the streets; we thought at first that we could get a ransom for your safe return.  But then when Avery discovered that you had amnesia, he thought that he could convince you that you were really his lost brother, and get you to help.  We thought that you were just some kid from the streets that didn’t have a home to go to anyway.”


      Obi-Wan laughed, “you think I’m going to believe you?” he adjusted his hold of Azia, and put the syringe down on a shelf in the closet.  He then grabbed some rope from out of the closet.  After pulling Azia to a chair at the other side of the room, Obi-Wan forced her to sit down.  As Obi-Wan began to wrap the rope around the girl, she suddenly kicked him in the mid section, causing him to fall to the floor gasping to catch his breath.


      “Do you think, that I don’t know how to take care of myself, boy?  Do you think that Avery and Hultz would let me to take care of you by myself if, I could not?”  Azia sneered, and kicked the boy in the head with her boots.  Obi-Wan’s head cracked off of the floor as he fell backwards.  Obi-Wan closed his eyes trying to lesson the pain that assaulted his face and the back of his head.


      When Obi-Wan opened his eyes again, he saw Azia at the closet; she was preparing the syringe with an even higher dosage.  Obi-Wan stared at her in a daze as she finished filling the syringe and then turned to walk towards him.  “Now, you pathetic Jedi brat,” Azia muttered venomously as she turned and started walking back towards the boy.


      Obi-Wan took a deep breath, trying to ignore the pain, and the ringing in his left ear.  He closed his eyes partially, so that they were opened only a sliver; just enough that he could make out the blurred figure of Azia as she approached.  He could see her bend down beside him, obviously thinking he was unconscious.  Obi-Wan hoped that he would have enough strength to do what he was about to try.  She moved her arm towards him ready to stab the syringe into his arm, then, Obi-Wan opened his eyes and kicked her arm.  The syringe flew across the room and smashed off of the wall near the comm unit.


      “No!” Azia roared, as she stumbled backwards, and nearly lost her footing.


      Obi-Wan used her stumble to get up off the floor; the sudden movement caused his head to ache worse, and he hesitated a moment to let himself adjust.  His hesitation was all Azia needed, to get her footing under control and come at him.  As she ran at him she pulled out a dagger from inside her boot.  Obi-Wan tried to get out of her way but the dagger caught him on his left arm.  He felt the searing pain, as the blade cut easily through his shirt and skin, and he stifled and a scream.  Quickly turning to face her, Obi-Wan saw, her come at him again, but Obi-Wan leapt over her, and landed behind her.  Obi-Wan tripped her, and she fell hard on her side, as she tried to spin around to face him.


      “You blasted Bantha brain!” she shrieked, as Obi-Wan grabbed her right hand with his right hand, and squeezed trying to get her to let go of the weapon.  With her other hand she grabbed a fistful of his hair.  Obi-Wan moved his right arm, which still held hers, and slammed her hand against the floor.  He could hear the sound of bones cracking as her knuckles slammed off the floor, seconds before she let an agony filled cry, and dropped the weapon.  


      Obi-Wan pulled her to her feat and drug the struggling girl back to the chair where the ropes still laid on the floor.  He then quickly tied her up as tight as he could with one injured and bleeding arm.  “Rory please, I’ll tell you everything.  The truth this time, I swear on my mother’s grave.  You are a Jedi; you are the student of the Jedi Master you spoke of, Qui-Gon Jinn.   He thinks that you are-“ before she could say anything else Obi-Wan put a piece of tape tightly over her mouth, and then walked to the comm unit on the wall.


      Ignoring the mumbling noises coming from Azia, Obi-Wan took advantage of the information that he had learned at the library to contact the Jedi temple on Coruscant.


      “Jedi Temple, Julanna speaking how may I direct you call?” A calm sounding female voice asked. 


      “I-I don’t know,” Obi-Wan said.


      “Do you have a problem that you need assistance with?  Do you need to speak with a Jedi Knight?” the woman questioned.


      “Y-yes, I need to speak with Qui-Gon Jinn, I think he is my master.”


      “Who is this?”


      “Obi-Wan,” he said uncertainly.  


       “Hold please.”  Julanna replied.  


      *          ***          *          ***          *


      Master Mace Windu sat silently on the floor of his quarters meditating, when he heard the sudden sound of his comm unit beginning to beep on his desk.  With a sigh, Mace rose to his feet and slowly walked over to his desk.  It was the third time in an hour that his meditation had been interrupted by the comm unit.


      “Julanna, I thought I asked you to transfer all transmissions to Plo Koon?” Mace commented after activating the comm unit.


      “Yes, Master Mace, but I thought you might want to know that I have a boy on hold who claims to be the Padawan of Master Qui-Gon Jinn.  I believe that he is playing a trick.”


      “Did he give you his name?” Mace asked trying to hide the irritation from his voice.


      “Yes, he said his name was Obi-Wan.  Do you want me to transfer him to Master Plo Koon?”


      “No, please transfer the call here.”


      “I’m connecting you now, Master Mace,” the young knight informed him.


      When a light began to flash on the comm unit a moment later, the Jedi Master began to speak “this is Master Mace Windu, who am I speaking with?”


      “O Obi-Wan, sir.  Where is Master Qui-Gon Jinn?” A young nervous sounding voice spoke over the comm unit.


      “What do you want with him?”  Mace asked, his voice sounded stern even to his own ears.  He hated to be interrupted from his meditation, especially for a child’s prank.


      “I-he.  He’s my master isn’t he?” the boy asked.


      “Listen son, I don’t know who you are, but Master Qui-Gon does not have a Padawan.  Please do not contact the temple again, or I will have the local authorities arrest you-“


      “Please wait sir.  I thought he was my master.  I heard his name mentioned in a dream and they were calling me Obi-Wan.  I thought . . .” the boys voice trailed off, and Mace was confused by the boy’s words.  Usually a prank caller would have ended the transmission immediately after a threat of being arrested.


      “In your dreams?” Mace inquired, his curiosity getting the better of him.


      “Y-yes sir.  I don’t remember who I am.  These people told me that my name was Rory Pajan, but everything they told me doesn’t feel right, and then I started having dreams that I thought were memories of dueling with the weapon that you call a lightsaber.  I looked up the Jedi in the local library.  The information that I read in the library told me that Jedi Padawans wear a section of their hair braided, by their right ear, and my hair is braided in the same spot, so I thought that I might be a Jedi.  I also found out at the library that Rory Pajan died ten years ago.  A little green guy with pointy ears told me in my dream that Master Qui-Gon Jinn was coming to the temple to choose a Padawan.  And in other dreams other kids called me Obi-Wan.  I’m sorry for troubling you sir, but I just wanted to find out who I am,” the boy explained almost without taking a breath. 


      “Where are you?  And how did you lose your memory?” Mace asked suddenly, as his brain finally registered what the boy had told him.


      “I’m in Schoala City on the planet Vardell.  The people who I was staying with told me that I was caught in the explosion of the Vardell capital building.  They said that I was their brother, and that they had to give me more medication than normal for an illness that I have because the medicine brace I wore on my neck was damaged.  They told me that the high dose they gave me caused my memory loss.”


      “And you don’t believe them?” Mace asked as he wondered if he could really be talking to Obi-Wan Kenobi.


      “No.  Hultz told me that I didn’t look like him or Avery because I looked like their mother, but Azia told me it was because I was adopted.  And since I woke up here I noticed other inconsistencies.”


      “I see.  And Hultz, Avery and Azia are the people who took you?” Mace said.


      “Yes.  Sir, Will you help me?” the boy asked, sounding desperate.  Mace wished that the boy had a holo transmitter on his comm unit so he could see what the boy looked like.


      “I will try.  I will contact the Jedi that are at the memorial for the victims of the explosion.  I need you to tell me where you are, so I can send the Jedi to come and speak with you.”


      “B-but, if Avery and Hultz come back they will hurt me, more.  I tied Azia to a chair, but they are too big, and there are no weapons here.  I think I broke her fingers when I tried to get the dagger away from her.  I am going to go to the memorial, and find the Jedi; all I have to do is not let Hultz and Avery see me.  And there will be a lot of other people around so that they won’t hurt me.”


      “They are at the memorial service?” Mace asked.


      “Yes.  I have to go now, sir.  They could come back anytime.”


      “Alright, I’ll contact the Jedi on Vardell.  A couple of them are speaking on the behalf of the Jedi Knight and Padawan that were lost in the explosion, go to the back of the stage and tell security that you are there to see Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Master Yoda.  I’ll call ahead, and let them know that you will be coming, and that they should inform security that you are expected and will ask for Qui-Gon Jinn and Master Yoda,” Mace instructed the boy.


      “Ok,” the boy said.  


      “And May the force be with you,” Mace told him.


      There was a moment’s hesitation before the boy said “thank you,” and closed the transmission.  Mace then immediately contacted Qui-Gon and Yoda.


      *          ***          *           ***          *


      After walking out of the house that he had lived I n for two weeks, Obi-Wan finally exited the small house alone, without the presence of Azia or his “brothers”.  As he started to walk down the street that was not as busy as the day that Hultz had taken him to the library, he realized that he had no idea where to go, or how to get to the memorial service.  He stopped walking and looked around.  There were no signs or any other indications of what direction he should go.


      “Young man,” an old woman with silver hair, and a walking cane interrupted his thoughts, “you look confused.  Do you need some help?”


      Obi-Wan could not stop the smile that formed on his lips, at the woman’s words.  “Yes ma’am, I need to meet my family at the memorial services today, but I must have gotten on the wrong transport and ended up here.  I don’t know how to get there from here.  If you could give me directions I would be grateful.”


      “Good heavens above child, what happened to you?  I should get you to the medical facilities, is what I should do,” the woman said, as a speeder pulled up behind the two of them.  


      “I am fine really, I need to get to the memorial, I haven’t seen my family in so long ma’am, please could you tell which way to go?”


      “I can do better than that young man, the woman said, I am waiting for my son to pick me up to go to the service myself, I shall give you a lift.”


      “Thank you, so much,” Obi-Wan smiled.  “Is that your son behind us in the speeder?”


      The woman turned around and waved to the man inside the speeder, a bright smile forming on her lips.  “Yes, that is my Tarrin.”


      *          ***          *          ***          *


      “Stupid boy,” Azia thought, as she easily got the ropes that held her to the chair loosened enough to free her self, despite her injured right fingers.  As soon as she got off of the chair she immediately ripped the tape off of her mouth ignoring the slight pain it caused, and ran to the comm unit on the other side of the room.


      “Avery,” Azia said after she typed a few buttons on the unit’s keypad.


      “Azia, is something wrong?” Avery’s voice asked.


      “Yes, Jedi boy is gone.  And he knows that we lied to him.  He contacted the Jedi, and is on his way to the memorial services to meet with the Jedi that are there.  He’s not sure who he is exactly, but if the other Jedi see him, they will recognize him.”


      “We’ll find him first, Azia,” Avery assured her.  


      Azia closed her eyes after his comment, knowing what the man would do to the boy if he found him first, but she had to warn them that there might be trouble.  She could only hope that the Jedi found the boy first.


      “Are you ok?”  


      “Yes.  I’m just a little banged up, but I’ll be fine.”


      “Good where is he supposed to meet the Jedi?” Avery asked.


      Again she closed her eyes, she had hoped that he would not ask her that, because she could not lie to the man who had taken care of her after her parents were killed.  He was like the older brother that she never had, and she promised that she would not lie to him.  “He is supposed to meet them back stage and tell security that he is there to see two of the Jedi, so that they know that it is him.  I’m sure that if the Jedi see him though, they’ll recognize him without needing him to tell security who he’s there to see.”


      “Thank you Azia,” Avery told her, “I want you to go to the warehouse, and wait for us.  If we are not there in two hours I want you to take the freighter and get off the planet.”


      “But what about you and Hultz?” Azia asked wide-eyed.


      “We’ll be fine, we’ll find a transport, and contact you on the freighters comm unit.  Now go before that boy, or the Jedi send the local authorities after you.”


      *           ***          *          ***          *


      Qui-Gon could not believe what he had just heard.  Obi-Wan might still be alive.  He tried not to let himself get his hopes up, but he could not stop the hope that was raising deep inside of him.  


      Since Mace Windu had told him and Yoda about the boy that had contacted him, he had been watching the entrance to the back stage area for any sign of Obi-Wan.  Qui-Gon was so caught up in his thoughts of his former apprentice, that he did not sense Adi Gallia’s approach.


      “Qui-Gon,” she began, “are you ok?  Yoda told me about Master Mace’s transmission.”


      “Yes, I’m fine,” Qui-Gon replied still looking out over the crowd of people nearest the backstage entrance.


       “I hope that Mace is right,” Adi said, as she too looked out over the crowd for a certain familiar face.  Suddenly Qui-Gon noticed a movement near one of the security guards, and focused his attention on the movement.


      He saw a boy about Obi-Wan’s age with the same color hair approaching a security officer.  The boy’s head was lowered and Qui-Gon could not get a good look at his face.


      He felt his heart begin to race as he realized that this boy may be Obi-Wan.  But as the boy lifted his head to speak with the security officer Qui-Gon got a good look at the boy’s face.  It was not Obi-Wan.


      “Qui-Gon,” Adi said from behind him.  Qui-Gon turned to tell her that the boy talking to the security officer was not Obi-Wan, but noticed that her attention was focused on something else further away from the entrance to the backstage area.


Qui-Gon turned to look into the crowd in the general area that Adi was looking at, and gasped before saying, “Obi-Wan.”

Chapter 4 by Peggy Schultz

Obi-Wan Kenobi said goodbye to the old woman and her son, who were kind enough to give him a ride to the memorial service, and turned toward the stage. 

“Obi-Wan wait,” the woman called after him, “would you like us to stay with you until you find your family? There is a large crowd of people here.” 

“No, thank you ma’am. I’m supposed to meet them back stage. They’re expecting me. I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” the boy told her wishing he could believe it himself. 

“Young man, I am the mother of five children and twelve grandchildren, worrying is what I do best,” the woman explained. Obi-Wan smiled at the old woman, and hoped that his mother was as kind and humorous as this woman. 

“Take care of yourself Obi-Wan,” Tarrin told him. 

“I will, and thanks again for the ride,” Obi-Wan nodded, turned back toward the stage and started to make his way toward it. 

On the stage a woman sang a beautiful song about a lonely man’s journey through life. If he had not been so anxious to find the Jedi, before he ran into Hultz or Avery, he would have enjoyed listening to the beautiful music. He could smell the aroma of food being prepared in the concessions stands, and it reminded him that he had forgotten to eat today. 

As he made his way to the stage, Obi-Wan looked back and forth through the crowd, watching for any sign of Avery or Hultz. He could not help but feel that he should have taken the advice of the Jedi Master that he had spoken with over the Comm. Unit and let the Jedi come to him. 

Looking straight ahead he could see the entryway to the backstage area, and the security officers standing near the entrance. On opposite side of the stage from the security officers, Obi-Wan saw a tall man with a beard and long hair watching him intently. A woman with dark skin and dark hair stood just behind the tall man, also watching him. There was something very familiar about the both of them, although the man seemed the more familiar of the two. 

Obi-Wan began to quicken his pace, when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder, preventing him from moving forward. As he turned around to see who was behind him, he felt something hard jabbed into his back. He stiffened, knowing that it was most likely the barrel of a blaster. 

“Hello, Jedi boy, we’ve been expecting you,” Avery’s unmistakable deep voice said. “Now, you are going to walk with us toward the Northern section of the building to where it is still under construction.  If you cause any trouble at all, Hultz will kill your Jedi friend. I believe I heard her Master call her Siri. Hultz and Siri are waiting for us.


“I don’t remember anyone named Siri,” Obi-Wan retorted, glancing over at the man and woman who were still watching him. 

”Whether you know her or not, do you want to risk killing her?” Avery asked, pushing the blaster harder into the boy’s back. Obi-Wan knew that his back would have a large bruise, assuming he survived this. 

“Ok, let’s go,” Obi-Wan said as he relented and let the larger man lead him away from the stage and the waiting Jedi. Obi-Wan could only hope the man and woman watching him were Jedi Knights. He had to trust them to recognize him and come to help him. 

* *** * *** * 

Siri Tachi stood near the stage watching the beautiful woman sing about the journey of a lonely man’s life. She felt a lump begin to form in her throat as she realized that the man described in the song could be a Jedi Knight and Obi-Wan would never get the chance to be that man. She wondered why she had not told him that she didn’t hate him, as she had allowed him to think. 

She had been with her Master, when Master Yoda informed them that Master Mace had contacted the Council. He told them that a boy, who might be Obi-Wan had made contact with him claiming to have amnesia. He told them that the boy had been having dreams that he thought might be memories of him being a Jedi. He also mentioned having a Padawan braid. 

Siri had sensed her Master’s hope after hearing the news. She refused to believe that he could be alive, only to find out that someone was playing a sick joke on her. 

They were unable to find his body and she had refused to believe that he was dead. She knew that some Jedi could disappear without leaving a body when they died; she still could not bring herself to believe he was dead. Siri had finally accepted that she would never see the ginger haired boy again. She needed to tell him all of the things that she should have said to him before, but she refused to let herself hope or believe he might still be alive. 

As Siri listened to the song, she quickly blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts of Obi-Wan, that she did not sense the approaching danger until it was too late. Suddenly a large hand covered her mouth and a blaster was roughly jabbed into her lower back. 

“If you want to see Kenobi alive and unhurt, you won’t try any of your Jedi tricks,” an unfamiliar voice growled in her ear. 

Siri nodded her head and allowed the unknown man to lead her away from the stage, the blaster still digging into her back. She took a deep breath and used the Padawan training bond to contact her Master. 

“Master Adi,” she began, “A man is leading me away from the stage toward the part of the building that is still under construction. He told me that if I try anything that they would hurt Obi-Wan.” 

“We are on our way, Siri don’t try to fight him,” her Master told her through the bond. 

“I won’t Master,” Siri agreed, hoping that contacting Master Adi was the right thing to do. 

* *** * *** * 

Qui-Gon’s heart began to race as he looked at his former apprentice for the first time in over six months. The boy looked taller than he last remembered. Obi-Wan wore civilian clothing. He had a force suppressor around his neck and he held his left arm against his chest. The Jedi Master took notice of the bruise that covered the right side of his face. Qui-Gon could see the Padawan braid hanging over his right shoulder. He allowed relief to wash over him at the sight of the boy, despite the obvious injuries. 

As he and Adi watched, Obi-Wan made his way towards the security officers. The boy’s eyes met his, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable as the boy’s eyes lingered on him and Adi. 

Qui-Gon was about to walk over to the security officers and meet his former Padawan there, when suddenly he saw a large man put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. He saw Obi-Wan stiffen, and the man began to speak to him. They spoke for a few seconds before the man began to lead Obi-Wan away in the other direction. 

Qui-Gon started to follow Obi-Wan when he noticed that Adi’s attention was elsewhere. She abruptly looked at Qui-Gon and told him that her Padawan had just contacted her through their shared bond. 

Qui-Gon and Adi immediately headed toward the northern section of the building behind Obi-Wan and Siri. 

* *** * *** * 

Siri stood, her hands chained to the back of a pole, in the abandoned section of the Cities Musical Center. This area of the building was under construction and therefore, without the crowd of people that filled the other section of the building. The man that had forced her here and chained her arms to the pole sat on a nearby chair alternating between looking at her and watching the entryway across the room. She sensed the man’s anxiety and wondered why he was afraid. She used the Force to begin picking at the lock on the chains that bound her hands. 

She stopped her attempt to free herself as she heard a noise indicating someone was approaching them. The large man the man who had brought her here walked through the entryway, his arm resting on the shoulder of the one person that Siri thought she would never see again. 

At first she thought it was a trick, that it was just a boy made to look like Obi-Wan, but as they came closer, she could see the boys features more clearly. 

“Obi-Wan,” she gasped. Her words caused the boy to look up into her eyes. There was no recognition in the beautiful eyes that had always seemed to change colors. She noticed that he wore civilian clothes, but he still had his Padawan braid. He also wore a force suppressor around his neck. Siri was glad that he did not remember who he was. She knew that he would not be able to bear the loss of his access to the Force. 

“You know me?” Obi-Wan asked. 

“Of course she knows you, Jedi boy,” Avery told him as he roughly pushed him to the ground. Obi-Wan’s knee cracked as he landed on the hard floor and he gasped, covering his right knee with his hand. Siri could see the pain in his eyes as he looked up at the man who had pushed him. She also noticed the bruise that covered his right cheek, and the blood stains on his shirtsleeve. 

Siri began to use the Force again to unlock the chains around her hands. Avery sneered, “I would like to thank you little girl, for your assistance in getting Jedi boy to come here with me.” Avery aimed his blaster at Obi-Wan and said, “Now you can watch him die.” 

“No!” Siri screamed, as she finally unlocked the chains. They clattered to the floor noisily drawing the man’s attention away from Obi-Wan. 

* *** * *** * 

Obi-Wan could feel his heart begin to race as he stared into the barrel of the blaster that Avery held. At least he would know who he was before he died, he reassured himself. He was Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Padawan that was thought to have died in an explosion. 

Suddenly he heard the girl scream, “No!” as the chains that had held her to the pole clattered to the ground, she took a step away from the pole, and Avery turned his blaster aiming it at the girl. 

“No,” Obi-Wan whispered, quickly getting to his feet ignoring the pain that the movement caused him. He leaped forward grabbing Avery’s arm as the blaster went off. To Obi-Wan’s relief the girl had quickly used her lightsaber to deflect the bolt. 

The deflected bolt hit Hultz in the stomach. The large man cried out, falling to the ground holding his hand over the wound. 

Obi-Wan was still struggling with Avery when he heard running footsteps and the same hissing sounds that the girl’s lightsaber had made when she had ignited it. 

“You fool,” Avery said turning the weapon back toward Obi-Wan. 

“Drop your weapon,” a man’s voice ordered from behind Avery. 

“Siri, are you alright?” A woman’s voice asked. Out of the corner of his eye Obi-Wan could see the girl nod her head. 

“No,” Avery said, as he wrapped his arm around Obi-Wan’s neck, and pressed his blaster to the boy’s head. He forced Obi-Wan to stand and said, “If you try anything at all, I will kill him.” As they stood, Obi-Wan got a good look at the man and woman. The voices he had heard seemed to belong to them. They were the man and woman who had watched him from the other side of the stage. They both held ignited lightsabers ready for anything. Obi-Wan’s eyes were drawn to the man with the long hair and beard. He knew this man somehow, he was sure of it. 

“You can’t run forever,” the bearded man said to Avery. 

“But I can get away from here. If you try anything the boy will be dead before you can prevent it from happening. The question here folks is, would three Jedi, who could easily overpower the likes of me, risk trying anything and most likely getting Jedi boy here killed?” Avery taunted. 

“Let the boy walk away and you won’t be hurt,” replied the man with the beard.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Avery asked. Obi-Wan had to bite his tongue to keep from answering the question. 

“No,” the woman said. 

“I am a Vardelli. We are not weak minded people that you can force us to do what you want by using your jedi mind tricks.” To illustrate his point, Avery hit Obi-Wan with the butt of the blaster in the stomach. Obi-Wan doubled over as far as he could with Avery’s arm around his neck. 

He desperately tried to catch his breath as Avery forced him to walk toward Hultz, who sat leaning his back heavily against the wall. “Can you get up?” Avery asked glancing behind him to make sure that the jedi were not doing anything. 

“Yeah,” Hultz said, as he slowly got to his feet still using his hand to cover the wound. 

Obi-Wan knew that the two Jedi Masters and the female Padawan were behind them as Avery led him and Hultz to the back of the building. Up ahead of them he could see a door that he assumed led to the outside of the building. He thought that it was most likely Avery’s escape route.


Obi-Wan wondered if the man had seen him in the crowds of people, or if he somehow knew where Obi-Wan was going to be. Suddenly he remembered Azia; if she had somehow gotten herself untied, she may have contacted Avery. He should have sent the local authorities to get her. 

Obi-Wan silently berated himself, as they reached the door. Hultz hit the control button to open the door, causing the large doors to slide open. Avery pulled Obi-Wan through the doorway behind Hultz. Punching the control to close the doors, Avery blasted the control panel, and again pointed it at Obi-Wan’s head. 

Obi-Wan was sure the Jedi would be able to get through the door; but he knew that Avery and Hultz now had the opportunity they needed to escape. 

A freighter sat on the ground a few meters in front of them. The engines were running and the ramp was down. “Hultz, get in the ship,” Avery ordered the injured man, whose pace had begun to slow considerably. Hultz nodded and slowly climbed up the ramp, as a crackling sound could be heard behind them. 

Avery turned around, and Obi-Wan saw the Jedi Knights cutting through the door with their lightsabers. Avery quickly pulled Obi-Wan up the ramp with him. They reached the top of the ramp as the jedi finally broke through the doors. Avery suddenly pushed Obi-wan, causing him to roll down the ramp. Obi-Wan moaned in pain as he looked up at Avery in time to see him aim the blaster at him and pull the trigger. 

Chapter 5 by Peggy Schultz

       “Obi-Wan!” Qui-Gon yelled as he ran toward the boy, his heart beginning to pound in his chest as if someone was beating a drum inside of him.  He had just watched the man violently shove the teenager down the ramp and then shoot him with his blaster.  He couldn’t lose the boy now. He had just found him alive.


      It seemed to take longer than it should have, to run the short distance that separated the Jedi Master from his former Padawan.   Qui-Gon, Adi, and Siri reached Obi-Wan as the small freighter began to lift off.  The boy’s hand, still on the end of the ramp, fell limply to the ground.  He looked up at Qui-Gon with pain filled eyes.  


      Qui-Gon knelt down beside the boy, checking over the wound.  To his relief it was not bad; he had been hit in his right shoulder.  “Obi-Wan,” he said.


      “I know you; don’t I?” Obi-Wan asked starring up at the Jedi Master kneeling beside him.  Qui-Gon could see the pain in the boy’s blue/green eyes, but there was no recognition in them.


      “Yes, you do; I am Qui-Gon Jinn.  Your wound is not bad, but we need to get you to the healers,” Qui-Gon told the boy. He turned toward Adi Gallia and noted that she had already used her com-link to call for help.  Obi-Wan nodded, and looked up at Siri who stood near Qui-Gon.


      “It hurts,” Obi-Wan murmured.


      “The healers are on the way, and the authorities are on alert to find Obi’s kidnappers,” Adi explained as she switched off the com-link.


“I dreamed about you.  I think it was a memory,” Obi-Wan told Qui-Gon, looking into his deep blue eyes.


      “That is possible,” Qui-Gon’s heart ached at Obi-Wan’s words, and he wondered if it was a good memory or a bad memory.


      “Let me get this off of you,” Qui-Gon said, reaching for the device around the boys neck.  He was surprised when Obi-Wan stiffened.  


      “Will I get sick?” Obi-Wan asked.


      “Sick, what do you mean?” Siri questioned, glancing from Qui-Gon to Obi-Wan.


      “Avery and Hultz told me that I am sick and that I need this medical brace to regulate my medication.  Was that a lie too?”  Obi-Wan looked from Siri to Qui-Gon for an answer.


      “Yes, Obi-Wan.  This is a Force suppressor, it’s used to prevent you from having access to the force.”


      “The Force,” Obi-Wan repeated, “I read about that in the library.  If they used it to block out the Force, then does that mean that I’m a Jedi?”


      Qui-Gon smiled slightly at the innocent question and responded, “Yes, you’re a Jedi Padawan.”


      “I was right about the braid then,” Obi-Wan mumbled.  


      “Can I take this off now?”  Qui-Gon asked reaching for collar around his neck.


      The teen nodded, still looking nervous. Qui-Gon, used the Force to gently unlock the clasp of the device and remove it from Obi-Wan’s neck.  


      He immediately used his left hand to examine the part of his neck that he had not been able to touch in weeks.   “I feel different,” Obi-Wan confessed, “Somehow it feels like I’m whole now, except… I can’t remember who I am.”


      “Obi-Wan, I’m going to use the Force to accelerate your healing. I need to touch your arm,” Qui-Gon said quietly.


      “Ok,” Obi-Wan nodded, taking a deep breath.  


      Qui-Gon gently reached out, putting his hands on the boy’s arm just below his injured shoulder, and closed his eyes.  Calling again on the Force, Qui-Gon directed it so that it surrounded the boy.


      “Obi-Wan, you gave everyone a real scare, we thought that you were really dead,” Siri told him.  “Bant, Reft, and Garen will be very glad that you’re still alive.”


      “Who are they?” Obi-Wan asked.


      “They’re your best friends at the temple.  They were very upset when they heard you were dead.”


      “What about you, are you my friend too?” Obi-Wan asked innocently.


      “Yes, we were not as close as you and the others, but yes I consider you a friend,” the girl admitted to him.  Qui-Gon smiled remembering Adi’s comment about Siri liking Obi-Wan but not wanting to admit it to him.


      A group of security officers, and healers quickly approached them, led by, Yoda and Clee Rhara. Yoda, who sat on Clee’s shoulder said, “Good to see you alive it is, Padawan Kenobi.”


      “You’re the little green guy with the pointy ears that I talked to in my dream,” Obi-Wan smiled up at him.


      “Humph, Master Yoda, I am.”


      Qui-Gon smiled as his former apprentice blushed. Obi quickly realized that he had said what he was thinking out loud to the “little green guy”.



      *          ***          *          ***          *


      Qui-Gon impatiently paced up and down the waiting room floor while he waited to find out about Obi-Wan.  He knew that none of the boy’s injuries were life threatening, but he wasn’t sure what would happen between them now.  Would Obi-Wan accept him back as his master? Would Obi forgive him for refusing to take him back sooner?


      “Qui-Gon, you’re going to wear a hole in the carpet,” Clee commented.


      “He’s going to be alright Qui-Gon, it wasn’t a serious wound,” Adi assured him.  Clee and Adi sat on the two chairs near the doors of the waiting room. Siri slept on the couch on the other side of the room, and Yoda sat meditating on the floor in the middle of the room. They waited patiently for some word of Obi’s condition.


      “I know, I just can’t help it,” Qui-Gon sighed, as he stopped his pacing to look at them.  Suddenly the door to the waiting room slid open, and one of the healers entered the waiting room.


      “How is he?” Qui-Gon immediately asked the healer.


“His shoulder wound is not very bad, his knee is bruised and he has a broken rib. We were concerned that he had lost a lot of blood from the stab wound on his arm, but after being put in the bacta tank, he is healing nicely.  We found traces of a sedative called Letill in his blood stream.  Obi-Wan told us that his kidnappers had given him the drug three weeks ago,” the healer continued.  “In order for the drug to still be in his system, it would have to have been given to him in very high doses and more than once.  Letill, if taken more than four or five times, can have very serious side effects, one of which is amnesia.  Master Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan is lucky that the memory loss seems to be the only side effect that he has suffered.  Every other patient that I have had, with that much Letill in their system, was sent to the morgue.”


      “Is the memory loss permanent?” Clee asked getting up from her chair.


      “No, it shouldn’t be.  He is already beginning to regain some of his memory. I’m sure that if you tell him about his past it will help.  When you get him home, the familiar surroundings should help even more.  Sometimes a patient will regain their memory gradually over time, and sometimes it will return all at once, or within a few days time.”


      “Can I see him?” Qui-Gon asked impatiently.


      “He is resting right now, but yes you can sit with him.  It may help when he wakes up, if he is not alone.  He will be allowed to leave tomorrow, but I suggest that you take him to see your own healers as soon as you reach the Temple.”


      “Thank you,” Qui-Gon nodded, “I’ll see that he does.” Qui-Gon then quickly left the room, headed for the recovery room that he sensed Obi-Wan was now in.   


      He was lying on the bed when Qui-Gon entered.  He was awake and staring out the window on the far side of the room.  Qui-Gon stood in the open doorway watching him for a few minutes before Obi-Wan finally turned his head in Qui-Gon’s direction.  


      “Hi,” Obi-Wan smiled weakly.


      “How do you feel?” asked Qui-Gon as he slowly entered the room.


      “Better.  Thank you for trying to help me Master Qui-Gon.”


Qui-Gon noticed that Obi-Wan looked sad, “Is something bothering you?” he questioned.


      “I remembered some things while the healers were in here.  I was at the healers in the temple because I had broken my arm on a mission.  The healer was complaining to Master Craydin because I had been released from the healers only five days before, after I injured my knee during a sparring match.”


      “Oh, so you’ve made visiting the healers a habit then,” Qui-Gon smiled.


      “Yeah, I guess so,” Obi-Wan replied looking down at his hands as Qui-Gon sat down on the chair nearest the bed.  “He’s dead isn’t he?”


      “Who?” Qui-Gon asked although he had a pretty good idea who the teenager was referring to.


      “Master Craydin.  He was my Master.  I remember many different things now.  I remember that he took me as his Padawan after you…after Melida/Dann.  When Avery shot me, it brought back memories of all the shooting that I saw there.”


      “Yes,” Qui-Gon sighed, “He was killed in the explosion of the Capital Building.  Before he died he said to tell you that he was glad to have had you as his Padawan.”


      A single tear escaped the boy’s eyes before he could stop it, “What will happen to me now?”  Am I going to be sent to Agri-Corps?”


      “No,” Qui-Gon said, lifting the boy’s chin so that Obi-Wan had to look at him.  “I would like you to be my Padawan learner, we can try again.  Obi-Wan would you be my Padawan again?”


      Obi-Wan’s eyes grew wide hearing Qui-Gon’s question, and after thinking for a moment he answered, “No.”


      Qui-Gon felt as if Obi-Wan had just stabbed him in the stomach with a lightsaber.  “Very well.  If you will excuse me Obi-Wan, I must make arrangements for our return to the temple tomorrow, and you need to rest.” Qui-Gon stood up, leaving the room without looking back.


      *          ***           *            ***          *


Obi-Wan sat on a chair in the sleeping quarters that he and Master Qui-Gon would be sharing for the trip back to the temple.  He was staring out the window at the passing stars, when Siri walked into the small room.


      “Obi-Wan,” Siri inquired, “are you hungry?  Master Adi asked me to see if you needed anything.”


      “No thanks, I’m not hungry.”


      “Ok,” Siri said, sitting down on the sleep couch across the room from him.  “Master Qui-Gon said that he had asked you to be his Padawan again.  He really didn’t say much about it; he is not a very talkative man I guess.  I think it’s great though; I just can’t picture you as a farmer.”


      “I said no,” Obi-Wan told her quietly.




      “I told him no, I’m not going to be his Padawan again.”


      “Are you crazy Obi-Wan Kenobi?”


      “No, I would rather go to Agri-Corps than to be a Padawan out of pity.”


      “You are unbelievable.  Master Qui-Gon told Adi that he missed you and realized that he made a mistake by not taking you back sooner.  He was going to ask you when we got back to the temple from our mission. However, Master Adi told him that Knight Craydin had already chosen you, and then Master Yoda contacted us and told us about the explosion.  Master Qui-Gon was obviously upset when he thought you were dead, but he tried to hide his feelings, I think.”


      “Good at hiding how he feels Qui-Gon is,” Yoda said from the open doorway of the room.


      “Master Yoda,” Obi-Wan said, his cheeks beginning to turn red as he remembered that he had called the wise Jedi Master “The little green guy.”


      “Temporary Padawan, Knight Craydin took.  Knew Qui-Gon would change his mind, Craydin did.”


      “You mean that Master Craydin knew Qui-Gon would ask me to be his Padawan again?”  Obi-Wan asked, his surprise at the news evident by his facial expression.


      Yoda nodded his head and said, “Knew also, belong in Agri-Corps you do not.  Help you he did, until ready Qui-Gon was.”


      Obi-Wan could not believe what Siri and Master Yoda had just told him.  Master Qui-Gon really did want him as his apprentice, not because of pity for him. 


       He felt relief wash over him, like a warm shower.  He had accepted Craydin Shaw as his Master, but he still longed for Qui-Gon to be his teacher. Now when he had finally gotten what he wanted, he had thrown it away again just like on Melida/Dann.


      “Talk to him you should,” Yoda said leaving the open doorway.  


      “You really should talk to him, I’m sure his offer for you to be his Padawan still stands,” Siri told him.


      Obi-Wan didn’t answer her; instead he lay down on the sleep couch.  Why would Qui-Gon take him back after he refused the man again?  Siri quietly left the room, leaving him alone to reflect how he had once again messed up his life with another stupid mistake.


      *          ***          *          ***          *



Obi-Wan awoke later on the sleep couch, to a quiet ship.  The lights in the small room were turned off but he could hear the steady breathing of someone else in the room. He guessed that it was Qui-Gon, asleep in the bed across the room from him.


      Obi-Wan was tired of lying on the sleep couch.  As quietly as he could he swung his legs over the side of the couch, and slowly stood up.  He looked over at Qui-Gon, lying on his back with his eyes closed, as he started to walk toward the doorway.  


      Obi-Wan made his way to the galley as quietly as he could, not wanting to disturb the other sleeping passengers of the ship.  His knee still felt very sore, and he had a slight limp as he made his way down the hall leaning heavily against the walls for support.


      Once in the small galley he was relieved to find that someone had left some fruit and rolls on the counter in bowls.  He quickly filled a bowl with some fruit and two rolls, before sitting down at the smaller of the two tables in the galley.


      “I thought that you might get up in the middle of the night for a snack, since Siri said that you didn’t want to eat your dinner earlier,” Master Clee said standing in the 

door way.  “I remembered Craydin telling me once that you really liked fruit.”


      “Thank you,” Obi-Wan grinned hungrily taking a bite of muja fruit.


      The Jedi Master smiled at the boy, and sat down at the table across from him.  “Qui-Gon said that you remembered Craydin.”


      “Yes,” Obi-Wan answered looking up at her.  “Master Yoda said that Master Craydin only took me as his Padawan until Qui-Gon realized that he wanted me back.”


      “Yes, he did.  Craydin knew that you would make a powerful Jedi one day and he also knew that Qui-Gon would want you back, which he did.  Craydin was prepared to be your Master on a permanent basis if Qui-Gon didn’t come back for you.”  Clee smiled slightly, “He was actually very fond of you.  Every time he came to visit me at the Temple, all he talked about was how well you were doing and how eager to become a Knight you were.  He was proud of you.”


      “But it took so long for us to develop a strong bond,” Obi-Wan replied softly.

      Clee smiled again, “Yes, it did.  That I’m afraid was my fault.  I asked Craydin to wait to form a strong bond so that when Qui-Gon returned for you it would not be as difficult for him to let you go.”


      “But if he really wanted me he could have fought for me,” Obi-Wan said swallowing another bite of fruit.


      “I’m sure he would have.  You see I told him not to allow a bond between the two of you until after Qui-Gon returned from the constant missions he was involved with.  Craydin told me that the Force told him to form the bond with you.  He told me that he would remain your Master until his death.   At first I thought that he just didn’t want to give you up to Master Qui-Gon. We both recognized that in a few months Qui-Gon would be finished with his missions.  


      “I now know that Crayden had foreseen his death, and most likely anticipated that Qui-Gon would want you back.”


      Obi-Wan looked up at her, “But I screwed everything up again,” he admitted, so quietly that Clee could barely hear him, as he lowered his head.


      “What do you mean?”


      “He asked me to be his Padawan again and I told him no.  I thought that he was just doing it out of pity, because of Master Craydin’s death. I would rather work in the Agri-Corps than to be chosen as a Padawan out of pity.”


      “And I would never choose a Padawan because I pitied him.  The Force directs my choices, although I do have a bad habit of trying to ignore what it’s telling me and this causes you pain,” Qui-Gon said from the doorway of the galley.


      “Master Qui-Gon,” Obi-Wan said, raising his head to look at the tall man leaning against the doorframe.


      “I think you two should talk,” Clee said getting up to leave the room.  Obi-Wan noticed the smile she gave Qui-Gon as she walked out of the galley.  After she had left the room, Qui-Gon strolled in and sat down on the chair where she had been sitting.


      “I’m sorry Obi-Wan, I should have explained myself better.”


      Obi-Wan stared in shock, at the man sitting across from him. He had not expected the man to apologize to him. It was he who had jumped to conclusions about the man’s reasons for asking him to be his apprentice.  “No, Master Qui-Gon, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t-“


      “Obi-Wan don’t apologize.  After Xanatos I promised myself that I would not take another Padawan.  The Force was pulling me toward you. I tried to deny what was happening, even though we had begun to form a bond.  I won’t lie to you Obi-Wan. You chose to stay on Melida/Dann and I was hurt.  I had allowed myself get close to you and then you had. . . .” Qui-Gon trailed off. 


      Obi-Wan could no longer look into his eyes. Again he lowered his head staring at his half-eaten plate of food.  “I never meant to hurt you, I just thought at the time that I was doing what I was meant to do. I thought the Force was telling me what to do, but I was wrong and I-“


      “Obi-Wan look at me,” Qui-Gon interrupted him.  Slowly Obi-Wan looked up, “Listen to me.  I know that you did not intend to hurt me, and I know that you would never turn to the dark side.  After you helped me with Xanatos on Telos, I was worried that I would not be a good enough master for you.  I was uncertain of my ability to train you.”


      “Xanatos was not your fault,” Obi-Wan assured him, “You would have been a great Master, and I would have been honored to be your Padawan again.”


      “You know when I found your lightsaber half melted in the debris near the worst hit section of the building, I realized that there was little chance that you could have survived and I felt lost.  I thought that if only it had not taken so long for me to realize that the bond we had started was stronger than the one I had with Xanatos and . . .” He trailed off again.


       Obi-Wan stared at the man across from him, awed at the emotions he saw on 

Qui-Gon’s features, and was at a loss for words.


      “What I’m trying to say Obi-Wan is that perhaps we could be a team again.  Would you be my Padawan?”


      Obi-Wan could not help but smile, “Yes, I accept you as my Master.”


      *          ***          *          ***          *


      “Obi-Wan,” Clee said as she, Adi, Siri, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Yoda sat in the galley eating lunch, just prior to reaching Coruscant. “I contacted the temple to let them know that we would be returning in a few hours and Mace told me that the Vardelli officials had caught the men responsible for your kidnapping.”


      Qui-Gon looked at his apprentice who nodded.  Qui-Gon knew that Obi-Wan did not want to talk about them.  Suddenly his expression changed and he noticed the mischievous gleam that sparkled in Obi-Wan’s eyes.  


      “So Siri,” Obi-Wan began, “I didn’t know that you considered me a friend of yours, I’m really touched.  Maybe if you want, I can help you with your saber practice, and I’m sure that Bant, Reeft, and-“


      “Who says I wasn’t just saying that to make you feel better,” Siri commented, as her cheeks turned a bright shade of pink.  


      Obi-Wan smiled, “But you are a Jedi Padawan, and you are not supposed to lie.”


      “You know Obi-Wan Kenobi, I liked you better when you didn’t know who you were,” Siri commented.


      Qui-Gon looked at Adi Gallia and smiled.  The girl’s Master smiled back at him knowing that some things, at least with their Padawans, were already beginning to get back to normal.

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